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The Village of Biscayne Park is located in the northeast corner of Miami-Dade County delimited to the north by North Miami, to the west by Hialeah and Opa-Locka and Miami Shores to the south is a small community of approximately 3300 residents, occupied mostly by homeowners of which 44% are married couples with children.

The Village became incorporated in the 1930's and still maintains its original charter as well as the charm of a friendly small town community, is conveniently located close to I95 and is surrounded by excellent schools, restaurants and shops.

Has an active civic community constantly participating in the many events organized by the Townhall; yearly events range from kayaking trips to fund raising parties and | fun activities like cruises arranged for enjoinment as well as improvement of the small community, a high level of member participation is attributed to the fact that 73% of the homes are owner occupied. Oftentimes one can see its residents enjoying simple activities such as bicycling and walking through scenic beautiful Biscayne Park a wild bird Sanctuary with winding walkways amongst the greenest lush tropical foliage around Miami.

A strictly residential neighborhood enjoys a wide variety of architectural home designs ranging from Spanish-Mediterranean influence to traditional Florida homes and a few condominiums and apartment buildings. Some of the benefits of living is this area is the ideal location and proximity to larger metropolitan and commercial areas whilst living is a quaint small town committed to stay small.