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Atlantis: The Heart of Palm Beach County

Built in 1959, Atlantis is a city in the Beach Palm County, Florida, United States, and has been named after the famous island of Atlantis, covering a total area of 834 acres.

Atlantis, FL offers amazing lifestyle living, especially due to its central location in the Beach Palm County. If you a need a solid reason to move into Atlantis, then it has to be its location.

Being in the center of the Palm Beach County has its benefits including the proximity that its offers to other cities like Boca Raton and Palm Beach Gardens.

But there is more that the city offers to its residents than just its centralized location. From attending special local events to getting involved in the arts and learning; to dining at one of the finest independent restaurants; to visiting and staying at area parks are just some of the many other amazing things that you can do while living in the Atlantis.

Even with its centralized location, Atlantis offers varying housing options that could fit your budget, quite easily. However, living in Atlantis isn’t just the glitz and glamor of lifestyle living, there are other reasons why people living in Atlantis totally love their city.

According to the latest statistics, 95.1 percent of residents in Atlantis are employed, majorly in the management, business, science and arts, followed up by sales and office. However, the major industry in Atlantis, just like its neighborhoods, is also based on the educational services, healthcare, and social assistance.

Talking about the amenities, Atlantis has a commendable health and education sector. The statistics on the educational levels of the Atlantis residents show 96 percent of them having either high school or graduate degree. The Atlantis health sector is also very promising, providing healthcare services to its residents with affordability. According to the recent statistics, 86 percent of adults in Atlantis are non-smokers, while 77 percent have a BMI of less than 30, and thus the median age that’s 58 percent higher than that of Florida’s. The 2016 consensus of Atlantis reveals the city's total population of 2005, of which 96 percent are Caucasians.

Atlantis also offers some great sightseeing, hotels, shopping centers and bars. While being there, you can't miss out the Christian Church whose antiquated beauty will leave you in awe. And if you are looking for some great food, Rosalita’s Tex Mex Grill, Atlantis Grill & Bar, Jo Jo’s Café and Elvira’s Restaurants are some of the top eateries in the city.

Moving into Atlantis, FL could be one of the best decisions of your life due to the quality of living that it offers and that too with affordability.